4. GUTTER CLEANING – with Free Roof Report !

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Winter is nearly upon us and it is time to clean your gutters, check downpipes and your roof for any maintenance that may be required.

PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN CURE. Please do not risk your gutters/downpipes overflowing this winter and potentially causing thousands of dollars damage to your building

  • Standard Service: Full clean & checking of downpipes to ensure they are not blocked and operate as they should.

Our prices start FROM $99.00 Including GST (10% pensioner’s discount) and all jobs come with a FREE basic roof and gutter inspection.

We will quote the job first and if you are happy with the quote we will do the work there and then.  This saves us time and you, money.

Should you require any building works that is over $20,000, a Registered Builder is required. SOS Enterprises Pty Ltd (Builders Reg # 13954) provides services ranging from roof replacements to building maintenance. We are fully insured.