SOS Enterprises Pty offers expertise in gutter cleaning, roofing services, building maintenance and one-off building projects. We have been operating in the Perth, WA region for more than 15 years and in that time have built up a database of satisfied clients and a continuous stream of new ones. Whatever your home construction or maintenance requirements are, contact our friendly team for a quote or professional advice.

Experienced company with a flexible approach

We are a small, well-established company, who are experienced enough to handle large projects and small enough to operate with greater flexibility taking a personal interest in your project. In addition to repairs and maintenance, we offer an innovative approach to your building requirements and the ability to take on ad-hoc projects.

Our Managing Director

Rowan Chitty, Managing Director, founded SOS Enterprises and has run the company from the very beginning. A high-energy, motivated individual, Rowan has many years’ experience in the industry and is a hands-on leader with an innovative approach.

What we offer:

Gutter cleaning \ Roofing

We will take care of all your roofing and gutter requirements. Roof replacements (licensed asbestos removal) to leak detection, contact your local specialists.

Building maintenance

From repairs and maintenance to consulting on your latest building project we have the experience and expertise to do what you require. We work with professional, established tradesmen and offer a highly thought of project management service.


With a commitment to sustainable living solutions, we can take care of you entire building project. From design to the last dash of paint, leave it our capable hands, we work with you to achieve a result we are all happy with.

We have built our company on mutual respect and benefits. This includes nurturing multiple partnerships and relationships to obtain sustainable communities and environments, with numerous social and economic benefits to local communities. We believe that the correct partnerships will lead to an increase in sustainable employment opportunities, and augmented self-sufficiency for many.

Contact us or call us on 08 9433 1077 for a free quote.